Moslah Shrine Patrol is the oldest unit of the Moslah Shrine Center of Fort Worth, Texas. The Patrol was established in 1913, before the Moslah Shrine Center was even chartered (1915). The purpose of the Patrol is to become proficient in Military Drills and Tactics, and to support and promote such activities of Moslah Shrine Center as may be assigned by the Illustrious Potentate.

The Military Drill that we perform is a silent, close order, precision drill. It is composed of 24 Active Members, lasts approximately 10 minutes, and consists of over 1200 steps. During the year, we practice hard to achieve precise perfection of this drill. Each year we enter a statewide competition of the Texas Shrine Association (TSA). Moslah Patrol takes great pride in its rich history of winning that statewide competition, and has won more state championships than any other Patrol Unit in Texas.

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