Moslah Leadership

Shriners come from all walks of life. We are tradesmen and professionals, salesmen and CEOs. We are fathers, uncles and son. Most of all, we are also Brothers.

Illustrious Sir Coty Owens (Beth)

Moslah Shriners 2024 Potentate

Moslah Shriners is located where the West Begins in Fort Worth Texas . We are part of Shriners International, that is comprised of nearly 200 Shrine Centers around the world.

Shriners International is a premier fraternal organization for men of good character and provides attractive quality programs and services for its members, their families and friends in a spirit of fun, fellowship and social camaraderie. Fostering self-improvement through Leadership, Education, the perpetuation of moral values and community involvement. Serving mankind through the resources of its philanthropy Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The Leadership and members of Moslah Shrine are dedicated to the support of our philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children and our fraternity of Shrine Masons .

We will continue to grow our fraternity by seeking out good men and making them better by supporting the World’s Greatest Philanthropy.

Gary Mayben (Karie)

Chief Rabban

Under the authority of the Potentate and with the cooperation and input of the entire Divan, the Chief Rabban is similar to the Chief Financial Officer of a major corporation.

It is the Chief Rabban’s duty to assess the needs of our Units, Associations and Shrine Clubs, along with the needs of the Shrine Center for the year, and produce a budget under which each group will operate.

The budget is presented to the Divan, examined, and voted on. It is then presented to the general membership for approval.

In addition, the Chief Rabban is responsible for our annual circus. This duty includes overseeing the Shrine Center’s ad sales campaign and the successful completion of the circus itself. The Shrine Circus and Sportsman’s Spectacular are our only fundraisers, providing the majority of the funds necessary to operate the Shrine Center. Our circus has been providing operating funds for our Shrine Center since 1942.

With the continued support of our Divan and membership, the Shrine Center’s future is bright and our finances secure.

Brett Boone (Melinda)

Assistant Rabban

The major responsibility of the Assistant Rabban is the coordination of all events concerned with raising funds for our Shrine Hospitals for Children. Due to increased medical costs to our world-class system of 22 pediatric hospitals, Moslah has expanded our Hospital Fund Drive activities significantly through the years. We are constantly striving to increase the amount of money sent to our hospitals to provide expert medical care to children with orthopedic problems, burns and spinal cord injuries regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Our first event of the year is IHOP’s National Pancake Day. We man local IHOP stores in support of National Pancake Day. On this day, I-HOP (International House of Pancake Restaurant) gives pancakes away in exchange for a donation to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Our original Shriner’s Hospital fund raiser is our Store Front and Street Corner collections, usually held the first Friday and Saturday in May.

The amount of money Moslah sends to our Shrine Hospitals for Children, the “World’s Greatest Philanthropy”, would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of our Units, Shrine Clubs, Nobility and their Ladies. This dedication is only a part of what makes Moslah the pride of Shrine Centers in North America. As Assistant Rabban, I would like to extend a personal “Thank You” to all who volunteer their time and money to this worthy cause.

Royce Rose (Roxy)

High Priest and Prophet

Under the authority of the Potentate and with the approval of the entire Divan, the primary duty of the High Priest and Prophet is to promote membership in our great fraternity. As such, he coordinates all membership activities with the Membership Chairman, all Units, Shrine Clubs and Nobles at Large to increase membership.

The various functions that work toward the goal of increased membership and for which the High Priest and Prophet is responsible are:

Moslah hosts both a spring and fall party that allows our Nobles and their guests to become acquainted with our membership.

Moslah hosts a fun filled post-TSA get-together for all Nobles and guests.

Casino Trip:
Moslah hosts a fun-filled trip to a casino each year for members and guest.

Our Ceremonials are held to allow a Master Mason to enter into the Shrine. The Arch Program is part of the Ceremonial that allows not just new Nobles, but family and friends alike to see the history of Masonry, the Shrine and its World’s Greatest Philanthropy in a stage production. This is indeed a very moving presentation.

Parade of Lights:
The Fort Worth Parade of Lights is an opportunity for Moslah’s Units and Divan to participate in the opening of the Holiday Season and make its presence known in the community.

Greg Bird (Laura)

Oriental Guide

The Oriental Guide’s primary responsibility is to make himself available to the Potentate at all times and to assist him in the performance of his duty to the Temple, Uniformed Units and General Nobility.

In addition, the Oriental Guide is the Divan Representative to the Donor Relations, Blood Bank and the Entertainment Committees.

The Donor Relations Committee promotes and facilitates the donation of gifts, wills, and endowments from our nobility and the general public.

The Blood Bank Committee promotes the regular collection of blood donations and money from our membership for the benefit of our hospitals.

The Entertainment Committee provides support for the hosting of all Temple activities and events.

Further, the Oriental Guide promotes membership in the 100 Million Dollar Club, an endowment fund that generates operating capital for our hospitals.

David Bell (Wendy)


Illustrious Sir Jeff Eaton (Terry)


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