Moslah Car-Vettes


Chuck Huddleston, President



The Car-Vettes were formed in 1979 for Nobles who enjoy participating in parades but prefer riding and performing in a corvette like automobile. We are a performing Unit immediately recognized by our “little yellow cars”. The Car-Vettes lead the Grand Entry into every performance of the Shrine Circus and compete against other motorized units throughout Texas annually in Texas Shrine Association (TSA) Drill Competition as well as the Texas Shrine Motorized Patrol Association (TSMPA) Obstacle Competition. The Car-Vettes are always a major attraction at parades such as the Gainesville Medal of Honor Parade, Fort Worth Parade of Lights and Christmas Parades in River Oaks and Decatur. We also participate in numerous national holiday parades such as General Granbury Parade, Granbury Fourth of July Parade, Crowley Fourth of July Parade and several others throughout North Texas area. Where ever we go the “little yellow cars” are a major attraction to the kids as well as the adults, and they love to have their pictures made while sitting in the cars.

Car-Vette members are easily recognized by our official uniform of yellow shirt, black denim jeans, black boots and the smile on our faces. We also have a white shirt worn on special occasions. When a new member joins the Unit he will be provided (at no cost) with a yellow and white shirt fully embroidered and ready for wear.

We are a big participant in everything Moslah does from Hospital Fund Drive (HFD) Collections, HFD Gala, and anything else that will raise money for Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. Our dues are $50.00 annually with a $100.00 entertainment fee, $10.00 for TSA membership and $10.00 for TSMPA membership. We also have the option of donating blood or contributing $40.00 to the blood fund. A brand new Car-Vette car costs approximately $2300.00 and financing can be arranged so that it can be paid out over a year’s period of time.

We love to show off our “little yellow cars” at Parades and other events throughout the year in many different cities and counties. Our practice for TSA Drill competition usually starts right after New Years. We are a family oriented Unit and encourage our wives, kids and/or grandkids to join us in most activities where we have lots of fun. Our motto says it all…..

WE RIDE SO CHILDREN CAN WALK”. We have a little yellow car that is just your size so come on down and try one on.

The Members of the Moslah Car-Vettes welcome you!

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