Gun Club

                                            Bill Conn, President


Nobles and fellow shooters – If you are a fan of shotgun shooting sports then you should be a member of the Moslah Gun Club.  The Gun Club is just that…a club.  There is no long term commitment or expensive assessments.  Dues are only $25.00 per year.  Many of the Texas Shrines now have gun clubs and these clubs are the fastest growing groups of the Shrine Clubs and Units.  We are part of the Texas Shrine Shotgun Sports Association and compete every year at TSA.  


You have no excuse for not joining and getting involved in a great club with some great members.  If you don’t have a shotgun…we will loan you one.  If you don’t know how to shoot… we have some great shooters who will be glad to give you some pointers.  We practice a couple times a month at the Fort Worth Gun Club.  We promote safe shooting and sportsmanship while enjoying all of the things that go along with friendly competition.  If you have any questions please contact any of the Gun Club officers at