Under the authority of the Potentate and with the cooperation and input of the entire Divan, the Chief Rabban is similar to the Chief Financial Officer of a major corporation.

It is the Chief Rabban’s duty to assess the needs of our Units, Associations and Shrine Clubs, along with the needs of the Shrine Center for the year, and produce a budget under which each group will operate.

The budget is presented to the Divan, examined, and voted on. It is then presented to the general membership for approval.

In addition, the Chief Rabban is responsible for our annual circus. This duty includes overseeing the Shrine Center’s ad sales campaign and the successful completion of the circus itself. The Shrine Circus and Sportsman’s Spectacular are our only fundraisers, providing the majority of the funds necessary to operate the Shrine Center. Our circus has been providing operating funds for our Shrine Center since 1942.

With the continued support of our Divan and membership, the Shrine Center’s future is bright and our finances secure.

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