Moslah Shrine Motor Corps

Larry Ramsey, President

The Motor Corps is the oldest of the motorized units of Moslah Shrine Temple. Established in 1958, the Motor Corps has a rich and proud history of supporting the Shrine Hospitals for Children and the events of the Temple, as well as winning many national, state and local competitions. At its inception, the Motor Corps competed on matched Cushman Eagles – one remains on display at the Motor Corps Clubhouse – and has since ridden various other motorcycles for competitions. The Motor Corps currently competes on our matched KZ440 LTDs. The annual dues for the Motor Corps are the equivalent of $30 per month, and the KZ 440s have been passed down, rider to rider, for $650.

Each year the Motor Corps begins practice in the late winter or early spring, to begin honing our drills and skills. Following specific criteria, we are able to develop impressive maneuvers that always delight our audiences. The double-crossover, figure-eight, widow-makers, and other formations we perform take weeks and sometimes months to perfect, but are completely safe as we refine the drills, grow comfortable with our brother riders, and develop our own skills. Learning how to safely, yet aggressively handle the motorcycles has made each of us better in our everyday road riding skills.

While we are most known for the distinct sound of the KZ 440, we are most proud of our support of the Temple and our hospitals. None of this would be possible without the support of our Ladies and families. We greatly appreciate all that the Ladies do for the Nobles of the Unit and do our best to include them at every turn. We also strive to include non-riders in the Motor Corps. For those that do not ride – or do not ride yet – we invite social members to join us and participate in all of our functions, and support our efforts in competition. There is an opportunity for most any Noble to find a significant role within the Motor Corps.

   And finally, benevolence is fundamental to our charter. Each year the Nobles of the Motor Corps take active roles in the fundraising efforts of the Temple including assisting with planning and attending the Hospital Fund Drive events like the Street Corner Collections, and IHOP’s National Pancake Day. Our work helps to assure that the critical mission of our hospitals will continue for the next generation of children desperately in need of that care.

For Nobles looking for a Unit to call their own, please ask any Motor Corps member for more information. Our Stated Meetings are held in the Temple at 7:00 on the first Thursday of the month, and we practice most Sunday afternoons from March through May.

Please visit our Facebook page at: Motor Corp