Moslah Shrine Directors

Les Keeble, President

The Directors are the working Unit of Moslah Shrine Center. Responsible for the integrity of all Shrine Center hardware, the Directors actuallyprepare the arena to receive the Shrine Circus, prepare and maintain all “hard” promotional tools/signs through regular work calls at the Shrine Center’s Circus building.

The Directors also have responsibility for a function essential and memorable to all new initiated (Novices) of Moslah Shrine Center. The Directors produce and control the initiation of New Members in the spirit of the Shrines’ traditional founding; recreation and frivolity.

The best of these practices are shared with other Shrine Centers at the State Shrine Directors’ competition. In this competition, Moslah’s Directors are recognized as the Unit to beat. Uniforms are provided.

Personal membership requirements include annual dues of $12.00 payable in January, assessments of $290.00 (payable in two installments of $145.00 each in March and September),  minimal street uniform requirements, and regular attendance at work calls and rehearsals.

Increasing membership is one of the highest priorities for the Directors Unit. If you are eligible for membership in a unit, come and check us out! The Directors Unit is a fun-loving, hard-working group of men who would enjoy having you join us!

Please visit our Facebook page at: Moslah Directors