Moslah Shrine Clowns

Jeff Roberts, President

Jeff Roberts

Chartered in 1968, the Clowns serve as active ambassadors in the Shrine. Seen regularly in local parades and civic events, the Clowns are available on demand to join festivities at local school carnivals and, if requested, provide rides on the Moslah Clown trolley. Moneys collected as a result of Clown activities make the Clowns (and Moslah Center) a leading contributor to the Burned & Crippled Children’s Hospitals blood fund.

During the annual Shrine Circus, no professional clowns are employed given the proficiency of Moslah’s own Clown unit.

The Clowns compete both in state and national Shrine Clown competitions. Classes of competition include white face, august, tramp, and character classes; in costume, make-up, one and two-man skit categories. The Moslah Clown unit is an award winning unit, including individual award winning clowns. Some members have attended the original Barnum and Bailey Clown College, other have attended the Mooseburger Clown College, which took over the school from Barnum and Bailey when they closed their school.

The Moslah Shrine Clowns give the gift of laughter to raise the sprits of individuals and provide the greatest of all gift of all a smile.

Personal membership requirements include annual dues of $12.00 first quarter for TSCA, plus $54.00 each quarter, and ISCA dues of $20.00, and regular attendance at practices and work assignments. Costumes for new clowns are made available until “personal” styles can be developed, and personal costumes created.

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