Moslah Shrine Bedouins

Nick Epting, Caliph (President

Originally chartered in 1946, the Bedouins were founded to maintain an Oriental Band symbolic of the tribe of Bedouins who, in ancient times, seized Kaaba, the sanctuary at Mecca, and proclaimed themselves its guardians. Moslah’s Bedouins are a performing Unit, regularly identified in their distinguishing flowing robes at parades and local events. Ours is the public side of the Shrine’s “Sons of the Desert” identity. Our performance instruments include a number of percussion pieces ranging from bells, cymbals and tambourines to quad drums, bass drums and the rolling Big Bertha drum, and are accompanied by the musettes, a simple to learn horn. Instruments, instruction and parade or competition uniforms (robes) are provided for all band members at no expense. The Bedouins also support Moslah Shrine Center by serving as the official Greeters at all Shrine Center functions. Individual membership requirements for active and social members include annual dues of $12.00, annual assessments of $353.00, minimal street uniform requirements, and regular attendance at practices and meetings.

The Bedouins are the backbone of Moslah Shrine Center. Our activities can generally be described in three categories: band, fund raising and social. From September through December, the Band practices on the first Tuesday night of each month at 6 PM for one hour before our monthly business meeting, which starts at 7 PM. During the fall, the Band performs at Shrine Ceremonials and other events such as parades and the Grand Entry to Shrine Circus. From January through the end of May, we practice weekly in preparation for our annual competitions at the Texas Shrine Association meeting and, sometimes, the Shrine Imperial meeting. During the spring, and summer as well, we will also perform at Shrine Ceremonials and in parades.

Our Oriental Band is one of the biggest and best in the nation, having won numerous state and national championships over the years.

Fund raising is done in the spring to support our Shriners Hospitals for Children. These events include the IHOP collection day, the Spring Gala and Auction and street corner and store front collections. In the fall, to raise money to support Moslah Shrine Center, we sell ads and tickets to the Shrine Circus and sell novelties and take tickets during the Shrine Circus. During the course of the year, we also have unit fund raising activities of various kinds.

Finally, there is our social agenda. While we have a lot of fun doing all of the above, we also have several parties each year. These typically include a spring formal and a Christmas formal. We also have other fun events, including a dove hunt, a fishing trip, a golf tournament, and other events.

We believe that the Bedouins are the best unit in Moslah. We invite you to join us to see if you will agree.

For more information, contact Nick Epting by E-mail or, or call the Moslah Shrine Center Office at (817) 335-9469 and ask them to have a Bedouin contact you. We would love to hear from you.