Potentate’s Message


Celebrating Miracles, Our Mission

We, as Shriners and their Ladies, are a unique and special group of people, one in which we should take immense pride but with great humility. As Nobles, we are all Masons. We have all taken the same Masonic obligation and learned the first lesson of Masonry, i.e., charity. As Nobles, we translate that obligation and lesson into action through our support of Shriners Hospitals for Children and through our friendship and support of each other. Our ladies share this great mission with us and help us bring it into the lives of those we touch every day, helping the Great Architect to bring his healing hands on those in need. Helping make miracles happen is our mission, one we should celebrate, but with the humility of servants carrying out the Master’s plan. We will have many opportunities to carry out this mission during the course of the year. Each day, you can keep your eyes and ears open and search the world around you for children who may need the services of our hospitals. Don’t be bashful, your caring inquiries may open the door to someone in need. Visit any of our hospitals. They welcome Shriners with open arms. In fact, on March 24, our Galveston Hospital is sponsoring its Second Annual Shrine Awareness Day. All Shriners are invited and the Flying Fez is planning to arrange an overnight bus trip to Galveston for everyone interested. Of course, you can also volunteer to help our Flying Fez unit with driving patients to the hospitals! Finally, we will have several opportunities this year to raise money for our hospitals, e.g. , IHOP Pancake Day, store fronts and street corner collections, and more. Stay tuned, Asst. Rabban Phil Trew and Lady Sarah will give you many opportunities to help! We also need to have fun as we pursue our mission. High Priest and Prophet Jeff Barcafar and Lady Diana, and Oriental Guide Moe Rahmeh and Lady Dee, have lots of fun and entertainment in the works for the year. We want to invite as many guests as we can so that we can show everyone that not only are we on a mission for the world’s greatest philanthropy, we have fun in the process and there is room for more! Go to our Masonic Lodges and spread the word. Vibrant missions are contagious. Finally, we must remember that our mission must be supported financially. Without our Temple, the foundation of our mission crumbles. Chief Rabban Harold Benefield and Lady Mabel are hard at work with plans for another circus, Sportsman’s Spectacular and other opportunities to support our mission. Give them your enthusiastic and whole hearted commitment! Your stewardship of your time, talent and resources is essential to the cement which forms our foundation. We are also blessed to have Illustrious Sir Rick Evans and his Lady Gina, and Noble Jim Hailey and his Lady Barbara, on our Divan this year. They will add immensely to our efforts. 2015 marks the 100th Anniversary of the issuance of Moslah’s charter as a member Temple of what is now known as Shriners International. During our 100 years, we have witnessed the founding of 21 hospitals and the treatment of over 1 million children. We have invented untold numbers of cures and restored the ability to dream for those who have lost hope. Let us re­dedicate ourselves to our mission of healing, and of brotherly love and fellowship, to the end that we can continue to Celebrate Miracles.

Yours in the Faith,

D. Michael Wallach