Noble’s Personal History

August 3rd, 2016 by moslahadmin


As time passes and future generations grow up, they are often searching for the history of their parents and grandparents. Often, they try to research their beloved family members through Moslah. It is unfortunate that there is often not a dialogue between generations, and too much time has passed before younger generations are seeking information about their family’s history. Moslah has created a simple form that you may fill out and leave in your file to speak for you when you are no longer present. Please, take the time to decide if you would like to leave your own words about yourself and your legacy. Please add photos so your family can see what you looked like and see you as a proud Shriner. You are in no way obligated to fill this form out. You may print it, and deliver it via mail, fax, email,or in person. Your form will then be placed in your file.


Yours in the Faith,
John Henderson
Moslah Business Manager
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